Gordon Torp, Creative Director

Gordon TorpThe Creative Guy

Founder and Creative Director of Torp Design, Gordon Torp is also a member of the ResultRocket team.

Gordon offers over 25 years of award-winning experience in art direction and design at such agencies as BBDO International, Dorland Sweeney Jones, Health Ed, Adient-CommonHealth and QLM Associates. He has worked for a wide range of clients and brands, including Kraft General Foods, HBO, VISX, Phillip Morris, Schering, Pepsi, Pfizer, COTY, OraMetrix, Novartis, McNeil, Campbell’’s and CIBA Vision.

A “hands-on” creative director, Gordon brings his talent as a fine artist and painter to any project, as well as his unique abilities in the area of three-dimensional design.

“”Growing up in the business, I’’ve always been around creative people.  It’’s just the way I think naturally.  Spinning different alternatives to showcase a product or brand conceptually or discovering
a new way to communicate an idea is what I live for.”

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