Human Touch: Repositioning a high ticket sale into a wellness lifestyle choice for consumers

Human TouchMarketing the first iPhone- and iPad- compatible massage system…

Human Touch® partnered with ResultRocket’s experts to help reposition its company from a massage chair manufacturer to a leading provider of indispensible wellness and lifestyle solutions for consumers. Following the two-year program, the company was able to successfully strengthen its market position while elevating awareness about the valuable health and wellness products that its products provide.


  • Reshape consumer perceptions about the massage chair category from a bulky or luxury item in the home to a valuable, everyday health and lifestyle tool
  • Separate and elevate Human Touch’s products from the marketplace and competitors
  • Launch an entirely new concept in the massage chair space, the AcuTouch® 9500, which uses the touch-screen of an iPhone or other iDevice to control the massage chair’s features and settings while serving as an app to deliver daily wellness tips and custom massage programs


  • Developed and executed a strategic and fully integrated marketing communications and program, including strategy and market research, nationwide PR campaign, social media and blog campaign, TV and product placements, email marketing and trade show/event support
  • Increased awareness of the health and wellness benefits of regular massage and relaxation through the Human Touch Wellness Council, a group of esteemed health and lifestyle experts


  • Created widespread awareness about the health and wellness benefits of Human Touch products
  • In one year, secured major national coverage for the company’s massage and wellness products, including national exposure at Digital Experience! and CES 2011 for the AcuTouch 9500, featuring placements in Wired, Gizmodo,, Mac World, Slash Gear and Family Circle
  • Featured Human Touch’s products on the Price Is Right, Hung on HBO, Real World/Road Rules Challenge and The Practice
  • Tripled Human Touch’s fan base on Facebook while creating regular and meaningful engagement with its target audiences

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