Port80 Software: Forging a new market for Microsoft Web server enhancements

Big things sometimes have small beginnings…

Port80 SoftwarePort80 Software was a start-up with a few products on the market and an emerging brand. One of ResultRocket’s experts engineered guerrilla marketing and PR campaigns to establish a new market and build a significant co-marketing partnership with Microsoft Corp.


  • Educate potential business and technology customers about the value of Port80 Software’s enhancement software for Microsoft’s IIS web server platform
  • Promote low-cost utility products in a marketplace dominated by other technology and some of the world’s largest brands




  • Created an ongoing industry survey of Fortune 1000 websites and online testing tools to show value and impact of Port80 Software’s solutions
  • Developed three new websites, search ads, backlinks, articles, blog posts, press releases, banner/text/search/print/email newsletter ads, list buys, mass e-mails, newsletters and telesales scripts to drive software downloads and sales, all managed via a custom-built extranet portal solution
  • Created an online affiliate program, recruited affiliates, created co-branded landing pages and designed a portal for affiliate lead and sales tracking
  • Partnered with Microsoft on product development, public relations, trade shows and web content to support acceptance of their Web server technology and plug-ins like Port80 Software’s solutions


Port80 Software's Bus at TechEd with TryIIS.com

Port80 Software’s Bus at Microsoft’s TechEd conference with TryIIS.com

  • Earned more than 3,000 customers in over 65 countries, generating millions in  tracked sales and a Google PageRank of 7
  • Assisted in the creation of a new Microsoft site, TryIIS.com, presented in Microsoft’s booth at various industry shows, trained their sales team on advanced web server technologies, and develop software that was later integrated into other Microsoft products
  • Positioned company as industry thought leader and created significant media coverage with published surveys of Fortune 1000 websites and the technology used on those sites


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