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Buzz ItPartner with us to create high impact, evolving marketing solutions and sales you can verify.

Once you have a plan and technology in place, it’s to build your marketing rocket (or fleets of them).  ResultRocket’s experts take your company on  a communications mission that is cost-effective and driven by results, leveraging all of the advantages of digital and traditional marketing. Bringing projects and programs to market and making an impact is the fun part, and this is how we buzz it:

ResultRocket’s Buzz It Services

  • Brand Identity
    Crafting company names, product/service/solution brands, website domain names, and the graphic ethos that will resonate with your target market
  • Logos & Custom Design
    Translating brand identity into your “look and feel” with the supporting graphic elements that will break through against the competition and market white noise to stick in the memory and incite leads to take action
  • Content Generation (articles, white papers, emails, blog posts, press releases, documentation, etc.)
    Business or consumer-oriented writing,  technical content, help and training documentation, press releases, promotions, contests, newsletters, and any original or edited subject matter – along with supporting graphic design
  • Photography and Filming
    Sourcing photographers and production teams for photo and video shoots on location or in studio
  • Video Editing & Production
    From short company overview videos, training videos with screen captures, to promotional videos to support campaigns, events and more
  • Sales Collateral, Presentations & Brochures
    Your value proposition made digestible for audiences in presentations and sales efforts
  • Public Relations
    With strategic, laser-focused positioning, we create the appropriate communications methodology to pitch your story to the media (or analysts) – then follow-up to ensure you are covered and given the immeasurable validation of third-party influencers
  • Speaking Engagements
    Secure valuable speaking opportunities for your company at relevant industry forums and conferences; a credible way to position your company as a thought leader, creating media coverage, third-party endorsement and real recognition
  • Social Media (Facebook/Twitter/YouTube/LinkedIn, Pinterest/Flicker/etc.)
    The correlation between social media marketing and sales is undeniable, but opening the floodgates of communication with your prospects and customers requires consistent and believable engagement
  • Blogging
    Plan on a new blog post once a week or daily, if possible, to start generating a real following and relax a little on your blog to make it interesting and memorable (remember, it’s not about your product but the value of information that you provide)
  • Email Marketing
    Leverage the power of email to nurture prospects into loyal customers, and educate, inform and promote your brand with highly focused segmentation of messaging, all supported by relevant landing pages to increase conversions
  • Online Marketing (SEM, text ads, banner ads, sponsorship)
    Use search engine marketing outlets like Google AdWords, Bing or direct purchase of ads on relevant sites with customized landing pages on your own site to transform traffic into value
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO on-site and backlinks generation)
    Google and search engines value sites that other sites link to, and combining keyword strategies used to build your site with dense, relevant back links improves your position in search results for more traffic potential
  • Direct Mail
    Some think direct mail is “old school” or too expensive, but this tactic is worth the cost for highly targeted leads or when you need to earn the trust of a valuable target market, especially with combined with digital marketing
  • Events, Trade Shows & Activation Marketing
    Booth design and themes designed to create a trade show or event “experience” starts before the show to warm up leads with the right communications and giveaways, drive traffic to your company’s booth or presence at an event and followup afterwards to make the investment yield results
  • Print Advertising
    Advertising in magazines and newspapers is a more expensive tactic, but this can be tracked with the right call-to-action, build brand value and entice prospects
  • Billboards & Outdoor
    Beyond the traditional billboard, we could wrap a bus or two with your corporate message in a key market (or something along those lines!)
  • Television & Advertising
    Everything from the concept and story board, to sourcing talent, editing in the studio, prepping files, and placing the media; we will design a program to maximize your budget and response


A solid communication strategy is not a laundry list of gadgets and add-ons for your marketing rocket.  Fuel is expensive, and the marketing payloads we put into orbit at ResultRocket must be justified, synergistic and realistic.  As you consider partnering with  us, you will most likely not need  every service we  offer, but we’ll take the time to educate you about the options and develop a plan that delivers while making the most sense for your business and budget.  Every project or program we offer is supported by robust ROI  reporting so that we can see together what works, modify programs for future testing and double down on successful strategies that produce results for your company.

ResultRocket empowers any marketing strategy or tactic you can dream of, and we follow a simple process to make sure you succeed…


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