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Connect ItInvest in just enough tech and the right processes for long-term success.

The marketing and sales technologies that connect your company, solution and brand messages to your target audiences are as critical as the systems that power a rocket into orbit. We equip you with the right software platforms, integrating them into a practical, user-friendly solution to solve the communication challenges of modern businesses. We also source the data needed to market and attack your targets. If you have systems in place, we leverage them.  If you need to fill in gaps or build new systems, our strategists and engineers are ready with cost-effective alternatives.  Marketing and making the sale today requires some tech mojo, and this is how we connect it:

ResultRocket’s Connect It Services

  • Website Design & Development
    Building engaging, interactive websites from scratch (in PHP/.Net) or on easy-to-manage platforms like WordPress, designed responsively for desktop computers, tablets and mobile phones
  • Web Application Development & Hosting 
    Developing custom web software applications and managing hosting details for any site or app (if you want a new host)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO for your site)
    Constructing your website, so search engines like what they crawl (standard in every site we build, not an add-on)
  • Email Marketing Setup
    Creating your email lists on platforms like Constant ContactMailChimp or any system already in place, then designing email templates for e-newsletters, promotions and engagement
  • Social Media Setup
    Claiming the right social media profiles and setting your company or product brand for messaging on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr and Pinterest, to name a few (we also have experience with social media management platforms like HootSuite)
  • Blog Setup
    Integrating your new blog with your website directly or designing a unique, stand-alone experience to keep your readers coming back for more
  • Mobile Apps Development (iPhone/iPad/Android/Windows)
    You may be surprised at the creative ideas we have for your business and a mobile application to drive leads, customer engagement and loyalty
  • Email Systems Setup / Administration (plus Calendar, Documents & Collaboration)
    Google Apps offers great cloud email/calendar/document solutions (keep Outlook or Apple Mail, email online and access it all on your mobile phone) for small to medium businesses (if you are a larger enterprise, we can point you in the right direction)
  • Customer Relationship Management & Marketing Automation Systems Setup / Administration
    Salesforce and NetSuite are solid CRM tools to consider (we also have experience with other platforms and custom solutions); if you are looking for advance lead scoring and drip campaigns, we have worked with marketing automation systems from Pardot and HubSpot
  • Lead and Prospect Data Acquisition
    Sometimes it is more cost-effective to purchase or rent an email, phone or direct mail list of target customers in a given geographic area or with specific demographic traits (you can even pay for set appointments to save time) – or to partner with the right organization to leverage their lists


This stuff seems complicated, but ResultRocket harnesses the power of the network and the cloud to give your marketing sales strategy the tools required to nurture leads on their cycle to becoming avid fans and customers.  We promise to explain what tech terms mean, how these things work together and to justify all technology use cases before you decide what type of rocket systems that you want us to build.  Most importantly, ResultRocket has a track record not only of setting up these systems but also planning and wiring every marketing program with the right reporting and tracking so you can measure your return on investment  from everything we design for you.

Armed with a plan and a platform, let’s have some fun and buzz it for some results!


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