Think It: Marketing, Brand, Technology and Sales Strategy

Think ItEvery business needs a brand and plan.

The famous author Lewis Carroll once said, “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there.” Just as this wisdom applies to most anything in life, a marketing program without a defined strategy and a brand is likely to veer off course.  That’s why strategic planning is critical from the start, and this is how we think it:

ResultRocket’s Think It Services

  • Marketing Strategy
    A plan that defines your own market situation, competition, customers, channels, solutions, value proposition, goals, social media opportunities and marketing tactics
  • Branding & Design Strategy
    The art and science of creating a timeless essence and personality for your product or service (and a logo) — what customers remember and feel
  • Tactical Planning
    The marketing and technology tactics and road map of activities to achieve your strategic goals
  • Return-on-Investment/ROI Assessment Framework
    A marketing and sales scorecard that we mutually agree upon with metrics that track costs against your revenue or results being generated
  • Sales Team Training & Process Enhancement
    Marketing works best with a clearly defined sales process to support, so optimize their pitch and how opportunities are tackled by your sales team
  • Crisis Communications & Reputation Management
    When things go wrong, a contingency plan of how to respond to a problem in the marketplace professionally, minimizing any downsides and ensuring that you  stay on message
  • Supporting Technology Systems Architecture
    We don’t run your network, but where marketing and sales are concerned, we will design your core email, Web, social, CRM and related software platforms (or connect you with the right partner)


Everyone loves to jump right into the creative and ads, the fun part of marketing. While we all think we know what the logo should look like or how the commercial should end, such decisions all require careful consideration.  What are your goals?  Who are you trying to reach and influence?  What is the image you want to convey to the marketplace?  What are the legacy technology systems you need to support? Where should those precious dollars go, and how will you define success?  These are all vital questions to ask before you start any marketing or technology initiative.

Through a comprehensive strategic planning and brand discovery process, ResultRocket’s experts will help you find the answers to the right questions to create your own rocket for success.

Once we have the strategy, let’s connect it with the right technology and processes…


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