Stage 5: Report & Refine It

ResultRocket Stage 5: Report & Refine ItLeads and Ideas to Sales Revenue, ROI and Functional Solutions

As your marketing rocket completes its mission, we review the data, track the impressions, measure the ROI, revel in brand loyalty and then and start to plan the next mission.

Marketing is like waves against the shore over time – one mission building upon the success of previous enterprises to drive your brand forward, communicate with the market, convert fans, demonstrate value and return revenue:

    • Evaluate key metrics that were tracked in the marketing and communications programs (revenue per lead, marketing equivalency ratios, custom metrics for your unique business model and goals – ROI!)
    • Continually optimize and question plans and messages to ensure success, responding to market feedback and metrics from reports
    • Work to develop an automated, real-time reporting system, a marketing dashboard you can check any time (where cost-effective and practical)
    • Once a mission is complete, return to Stage 1 and repeat the process faster, quicker and better, targeting bolder missions for the future!


ResultRocket’s process is designed to be simple, high-level and describe any marketing communication or technology program and how we would tackle the challenge.

Explore our marketing capabilities in detail to discover the types of result rockets we want to build and launch with your company!


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