Our Philosophies

There are a few core philosophies which guide how we deliver marketing and sales solutions. Here are some of them:

Brand EverythingBrand Everything

No matter how big or small your company is, chances are not everything you say and do is “in brand”.  Smart companies develop an understanding of their brand that is shared beyond the Marketing team to impact how products and services are designed, how transactions are presented, and even the tone and approach to customer service.  Your brand is much more than a logo! Framing how leads perceive your brand, how customers come to know it, and how your employees represent your brand is critical to sales success.


“Garbage in, garbage out” is an old computer science phrase that means a computer will unquestioningly process any input, even unintended or nonsensical data, resulting in undesirable and crazy output.  Your marketing may be suffering from this in the form of old ideas that are recycled each each but not generating results.  If your prospect or customer databases have not been properly segmented, sanitized and updated, you waste time and budget communicating with people who may not even be listening. Processes and the people executing them may suffer a similar fate.  To ensure success, we look at the whole system and address the marketing and non-marketing garbage that may limit your sales results.

The Attention CircleThe Attention Circle

In our data overload culture, getting an idea heard over all of the noise in the marketplace  and to stick in a lead or a customers’s head is one thing. Getting them to take action is another thing.  We like to visualize of a series of interactions or attention circles that are planted in the target audience’s awareness, each with specific calls-to-action designed to elicit a response.  One attention circle might be to simply sign up for a newsletter or tweet a story.  We conduct a symphony of messages across digital and traditional channels via these attention circles and track which audience reacts to which circle of interest.  Over time and exposure to multiple attention circles, audiences take action, closing one circle and moving on to the next. Each attention circle is designed to bring the target lead or customer closer to a sales event or some action that delivers value to your brand. The combination of attention circles planted and closed by your target taking action combine to form your marketing campaigns and revenue generation.


When your marketing is getting results, everything prrrrs. And the core of marketing today is about generating original, useful content that people will want to read and simply have to share with their network because it is so useful or just plain cool.  Content that prrrrs and resonates with your target audience. Once you have created it, the second key trait to successful content marketing is repurposing that great article, image or idea for consumption in multiple channels, from social media to email to placed content. Good ideas and content should be repurposed across audiences as well, so that something intended for lead generation becomes fodder for customers to increase their loyalty. How does your marketing prrrr today?

Our philosophies combine with a repeatable process to ignite your marketing programs…


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