Why You Should Partner With ResultRocket

By Chris Neppes
Why you should partner with ResultRocket

We’re on a Mission to Market Your Company & Generate Results

Welcome to Marketing for the 21st Century.

We are ResultRocket, a focused team of experts that has dedicated our careers to learning and honing the art and science of marketing. We’ve crafted successful products, digital marketing, and thought leadership platforms, engaged customers with branding and storytelling, and driven billions in revenue with sales teams for hundreds of businesses across many industries within agencies and in-house marketing teams.

When most of us think about marketing, we focus primarily on promotion – the creative messages, visuals, tactics, and campaigns – but our discipline is much more that. The reality is that you can’t get the business results that you seek without covering every one of the “4 P’s” of marketing: Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. What products or services do you offer, who (and what market forces) do you compete against, and what value does your offering deliver to your customers? Can you defend your pricing and enhance it over time for different segments with the right pitch? Are you leveraging the many places where you can sell, the channels where customers interact directly or indirectly to make a purchase? And of course, how are you promoting your brand to gain and maintain mindshare when your customers are bombarded with thousands of messages and calls-to-action every single day?

This stuff keeps us up at night, and ResultRocket is on a mission to get businesses like yours to think about and value marketing as a vital, strategic investment, one just as mission-critical as R&D, operations, and sales. We are focused on illuminating and delivering on those 4 P’s: what your customers want, what they’ll pay for it, and where you need to market your products to get their attention and propel them to purchase.

We created ResultRocket to fill in the gaps that other agencies don’t by delivering a comprehensive, holistic marketing solution that empowers our customers to win – and proving the return-on-investment impact to your bottom line by first setting realistic objectives and key performance indicators – then delivering results. You may have many or all of these bases covered, yet the reality is only 10% of businesses out there hit their strategic targets. What are you missing? Do you have a challenge in product, price, place, or promotional strategy? We must work together collaboratively to ask the right questions, listen to customers and market dynamics, and market boldly, always keeping our eyes on the results and the return we must demand from any marketing investment.

We know there are times when you may only need an agency partner that is easy to work with and gets a quality project done fast, whether it’s designing a logo or website, executing a social and PR campaign, or creating a new toolkit to help your sales team ignite the funnel with qualified leads and closed-won accounts. Our model is scalable and flexible, and we are here for you when and where you need us without long-term commitments, complicated contracts, or costly overhead.

That’s Marketing for the 21st Century: Strategic, right-sized, and accountable to your team’s success. We’ll help your organization to Think It, Plan It, Build It, and Launch It, whether you’re a startup or a global organization.

Want to learn more about working with ResultRocket? Check out our solutions, explore our experiences and testimonials, meet the team, or just start a marketing mission with us to discover how we’ll serve as a valued partner to your business, growth, and success.

Let’s get started.


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